Dear Derrick

Derrick B. Harden was born and raised in Brooklyn where he humbly built his rep and moved to becoming one of the first from the neighborhood to bring back opportunities found in the art and music communities.

Known for being an art curator, rapper, film director, actor and writer, Harden is a renaissance man motivated by his will to self-education and self-betterment. Though he never went past the 8th grade, he’s accomplished far more than one would expect, designing and implementing high-profile, image-based marketing programs within consumer luxury and lifestyle industry, both public and private. He’s done work for H&M & Diesel in visual merchandising, PR & marketing with the Chelsea Art Museum, Wu-tang Brand and The Harold Hunter Foundation as well as the Assistant Director & Curator for a few of NYC’s elite art galleries including The Hole, Lyons Wier Gallery, Gallery 151 and Damon Dash’s, Poppington.

Derrick B. Harden continues to lead the NYC art community with his creative eye and integrating his network and love for hip-hop and the urban community.

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