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About Hanif “Bl’eve” Brown

Media Connoisseur BL’EVE Brown is a well-rounded Artist, Producer, & Videographer.  Moving to New York and then New Jersey from Jamaica W.I. at a young age, BL’EVE was raised with an east coast state of mind.  When you hear BL’EVE’s sound from production to lyrics, you hear more than his East Coast roots, you hear the NEW EAST COAST (N.E.C).


BL’EVE started his musical career as a producer/engineer where he used his drumming background to develop a new sound.  Over the years he tweaked this sound by working on projects with DJ WebStar, Mattie Safer (from The Rapture), Funk Master Flex, and C Rayz Walz to name a few.  BL’EVE‘s drive and determination opened up many doors, but timing with the emergence of a southern sound quickly closed them.


In early 2010 BL’EVE started experimenting with laying down vocals to his tracks and sharing it online.  The response was over whelming with a large international audience and over 100,000 downloads.  BL’EVE also received commercial radio play from Hot 97 & Power 105 in NYC, but he knew he had to develop his sound as a recording artist a little more.  After growing his production unit Platinum Beat Service Inc. and refining his sound BL’EVE found his lane.

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The first 2 tracks “I’m About That” and “Payroll” released on from his upcoming project “Cosmosis”, have had a tremendous response topping the charts weekly and now have over 80 million plays combined.  Due to the current climate of music on the east coast, BL’EVE has found an organic fan base and knows now is the time to release his N.E.C. sound to the masses.  The records success has also moved over to Spotify and a few other major outlets.


In July BL’EVE will be releasing his first video from his upcoming project “Cosmosis”, which will be a split video between “I’m About That” and “Payroll”.  BL’EVE is no stranger to video production and his artistic vision will definitely be shown in this project.  He has been hired to shoot and produce video pieces for Def Jam, Epic Records, The Life Files and many more.


BL’EVE Brown is a fresh new sound coming out of the East Coast breaking down industry barriers, by capturing the ears and hearts of fans one person at a time.  BL’EVE has unique goals on being an artist and he states, “I just want to introduce a new vibe that is authentic to the east coast and even though most people don’t like change it’s too late, I’m here now”.



Artist – Producer – Song Writer – Sound Engineer


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    BL’EVE Brown – STRWBRRY Fields

    Strwbrry Fields Forever new video from my new FREE LP “Short Thoughts” !!!! Available For download today!!!!! DL Link Below go get that!!!
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    BL’EVE – The INTERMISSION (Trailer)

    The Intermission (Trailer) – new video Trailer from my FREE LP “Short Thoughts” !!!! Produced by: Black Milk              Filmed & Edited By: Dead Serious – @VVSDS